Senior Ads

Commemorate your senior’s graduation by purchasing a Senior or Friendship Ad. When you purchase an ad for your senior, not only are you congratulating your senior on their tremendous accomplishment, you are also supporting our award-winning Aerie yearbook. There are three ad sizes available: Full page ($330), half page ($230), and quarter page ($130).

What is the difference between a senior ad and a friendship ad?

Senior ads are for one student. They are typically purchased by the student’s parent or the student him or herself to commemorate the student’s upcoming graduation. Friendship Ads are designed to be shared by multiple students and are typically purchased by a pair or a group of senior students. Friendship Ads are designed for students to celebrate their friendships as their final year of high school comes to a close.

All ads  are offered in three sizes — full page, half page, and quarter page.

How much does an ad cost?

Full page ads are $330.00. Half page ads are $230.00. Quarter page ads are $130.00.

How do I pay for an ad?

Ads can be paid for by credit card, cash, or money order. Checks will NOT be accepted. Cash and money orders can be submitted with the ad contract, pictures, and text. Money orders should be made out to the school: Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School or MSD. To pay online click here. Select the correct ad size and follow the instructions until your transaction is complete. Be sure to note your confirmation number on your ad contract or include a copy of your confirmation page with your ad contract, pictures, and text. The deadline to pay for an ad is Thursday, March 13, 2014.

Can’t I just create my own ad and submit it?

Unfortunately, we do not accept home designed ads and collages. This is for a few reasons. Home designed ads often fail to meet the minimum quality requirements for publishing. They don’t reproduce well in print. Our yearbook is also very competitive within the national yearbook press associations. In order to maintain our status as an award-winning publication, we must show uniformity within our yearbook, even within our Ad section. An experienced staff member will design you ad for you around the images and text that you submit.

Are there any restrictions about the content of photographs or text I can submit?

Please adhere to the following rules about photographs:

  • Photographs with students holding plastic cups cannot be published.
  • Photographs with students wearing revealing clothing or clothing that does not adhere to school dress code cannot be published.
  • Please summit only the number of photos designated on your chosen template; no more, no less.

Test must be school appropriate. The following will not be accepted:

  • Type and attach your text to the contract.
  • No text abbreviations, with the exception of B.F.F. will be accepted.
  • All messages must be school appropriate.

Do I have to turn in hard copies of my pictures or digital copies?

You can turn in either all hard copies or all digital images or a combination of the two.

Turning in Hard Copies of Digital Pictures: Pictures printed from home printers do not reproduce well in the book, even if they are printed from a photo printer. If you are going to turn in a printed copy of a digital image, we recommend having it printed at a photo center at a Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens. Bring your digital images to the photo center itself, do not use those self-serve kiosks that print instantly. You want your images printed by the professional photo equipment on profession photo paper.

Turning in Digital Copies of Digital Pictures: Pictures that are already digital can be turned in via email, if sent to They can also be submitted on a flash drive or CD. Try to avoid taking pictures from the web from places like Facebook & MySpace. When digital images are loaded onto the web they are often made smaller that the origianl digital image. For the best possible quality, try to submit the original digital image.

Turning in Digital Copies of Hard Copies: In general, we prefer digital images. We understand Parents are often unwilling to part with the original hard copy baby pictures of their students. However, pictures scanned at home are often below the minimum quality required for printing. If you have a high quality scanner and scan the originals at a minimum of 300DPI, they we will be able to accept your scanned photos. If not, submit your hard copies, we will take really good care of them and will return them as soon as we are done with them.

Turning in Hard Copies: Try not to write on the back of your pictures in pen or pencil. Often the writing comes through and shows when the photo is scanned. If you want to label them please write lightly with a marker.

Do I need to size my pictures to fit the ad space?

No. We will make photos larger or smaller as appropriate.

When is the deadline to purchase an ad?

The deadline to pay for an ad is Thursday, March 13, 2014.

When is the deadline to submit an ad?

The deadline to submit an ad is Thursday, March 13, 2014.

How do I submit my ad?

To submit ads, you must attend one of our Ad Design Nights – March 12 and March 13 from 5 p.m.-8 p.m.

Senior Ad Contract and Information